Forgelite Wheels offer a vast collection of custom finishes. Solidtone color finishes are suitable for all applications. All colors are available with a gloss or satin clear coat to further enhance the look.


Translucent finish is a premium finish that can be applied on a polished aluminum base and become a candy/polished finish, or combined with our hand-applied brushed finish to add fine brushed texture to the aluminum surface and create a stunning premium custom finish.


Features such as centre cap logo, rim logo, groves, and custom engravings can be filled in with a solid color to add accent colors onto the wheel. More custom colors are available upon request.

Finish Glossary

a "Brushed Finish"

A brushed finish is a hand-applied finish that adds a brushed texture to the substrate of the wheel finish before applying a transparent clear coat. The brushing process is very labor intensive. Depending on the wheel design, it can take up to 8 hours per wheel to apply this finish. But the result is the most premium finish that you will ever see.

a "Polished" or "Transparent" Finish

A "polished" finish uses a combination of machine and hand polishing to remove any machine marks and surface texture on the aluminum to create a bright and mirror-reflection surface. A satin or gloss clear coat is then applied to preserve the shiny surface. This process can take up to 4-6 hours per wheel to complete.

A "transparent" finish is created by applying a colored transparent clear coat over the polished aluminum base. It gives the final result a mirror-like but colored finish surface. Depending on the selection of the transparent top coat, the final result can be either satin or glossy.