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We develop all our wheel designs in-house. Unlike many low-cost forged wheel companies offering replicas or look-alike designs from other wheel brands or a factory catalog, we go through months of 3D solid modeling and design iterations to bring our ideas and vision to life. In addition, we have our own fitment library to offer our customers the best wheel and tire combo to achieve what they want.

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Please Note

1. Our wheels are not for people looking for cheap forged wheels. We do not compete for the lowest price.

2. If you value product quality, design, engineering, culture, and customer service over just price, we are the wheel brand for you.

3. We serve you with our knowledge of wheel fitment, engineering, and manufacturing techniques. We offer our expertise so you can have the best wheel fitment on your car.


The mission of this brand is simple: To share our passion for wheels and bringing ideas to reality, We want to give you the best wheel products while pushing the boundaries of wheel design and manufacturing.

We are car enthusiasts and we love aftermarket car culture. We put love and passion into designing and engineering wheels. We want to help every car enthusiast to build their dream car starting with a set of beautiful wheels.


Forgelite Wheels is a designer forged wheel brand established by JC Forged Wheels EST.2019 in Vancouver, Canada. Forgelite Wheels aims to bring bold wheel designs, personal customization, precision engineering, and excellent customer service in one package. With our thorough understanding of material property and vehicle dynamics, we are able to create wheels that are lighter, better, and stronger than many high-performance OE car manufacturers.