engineering & Design

All of our wheel designs are made in-house by our designers. We start our process with traditional hand sketches before moving on to exhaustive 3D solid modelling and design refinements, spanning multiple months, to achieve our unique vision and distinctive designs. Furthermore, we maintain a proprietary fitment database, enabling us to produce inch-perfect wheel and tire combinations that fits our discerning clientele’s demands.

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OUR mission

At Forgelite Wheels, we blend daring wheel aesthetics, personalized craftsmanship, innovative engineering, precise vehicle fitment, and an exclusive service for our clientele. With our expertise in material science and automotive dynamics, we create wheels that exceed the benchmarks established by OEM manufacturers, resulting in wheels that are not only lighter but also exhibit superior strength and durability.

Our mission is to channel our passion for wheelcraft and transform your vision into reality. We are committed to continuously advance the boundaries of wheel innovation and artistry. as fellow car enthusiasts, we are deeply immersed in the world of high performance modified cars, every wheel we create represents our labour of love and pride in precision engineering.


Established in 2019, Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, we are a bespoke forged wheel brand established as a subsidiary of JC Forged Wheels. Founded by car enthusiasts with backgrounds in engineering and experience in the luxury wheel industry.


Where are the wheels made?

Our wheels are made by the ONLY manufacturer in China that is capable of producing all high-quality parts (forgings, barrels, lips, etc.) in house. They work exclusively with well-known brands from North America and Europe. And they are also the only Chinese manufacturer that can work with our USA powder coat and achieve our stringent quality standards. We have trialed many different Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers over the years before partnering up with our current Forgelite Wheels manufacturer. The result is that you get the quality, craftsmanship, and durability that is on par or even better than many Made in USA forged wheels.

I'm in USA, will I get charged for duties and taxes?

No, customers in the USA do not get charged for duties and taxes because we prepay all the fees. What we quote is what you will pay, no surprises.

How much do your wheels weigh?

Wheel weight depends on the wheel size, wheel design, application vehicle, use scenario, etc. But for an idea, a lightweight version of a 20" FL1 for a Porsche GT4 would weigh around 21lbs in the front.

Do you offer sponsorships?

We only offer full sponsorship based on our selection. However, we are open to partial sponsorships if you think you have interesting builds or have a great influence in the car communities. Send us an email and we can chat.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally. Please contact us to get a custom shipping quote if you are outside of Canada and US.

Do your wheels fit my car?

Yes, our wheels are custom precision CNC-machined for your specific application. We build the wheels to your car's exact wheel size, center bore, lug pattern, and brake clearance for a perfect fit.