Brandon recently acquired his dream Porsche 992 911 GTS. The 992 GTS is a harmonious blend of daily driving comfort and Porsche's legendary performance. He likes everything about the car but the wheels that came with it, leaving him wanting more. The factory wheels, though forged, were in a dull black color and inset into the wheel wells, which does not offer the aggressive look that Brandon wants. Undeterred by the limitations in the market for center lock wheels, Brandon chose to craft a set of wheels that would be uniquely his. He selected the Monoblock SV07 - a signature style that would set his GTS apart. We delivered this set of wheels with luxurious Brushed Caduceus Gold finish - a wheel finish that adds not just luster but a touch of elegance to the ensemble to harmonize with the Ruby Star exterior color. Now, within his Porsche club, the recognition is instant, and heads turn as his GTS passes by.

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