Get ready to dive into the extraordinary journey of Justin and his one-of-a-kind R35 GTR – a project that's been a labor of love for over two years. This isn't just any GTR; it's a masterpiece. This GTR build features the first-in-Canada Darwin Pro widebody kit, a custom air suspension that gives it an aggressive stance, a bespoke quad-tip exhaust system that looks like a Pagani, a custom purple paint that screams uniqueness, and so much more. Justin spared no detail in crafting this automotive art. But what's a showstopper without the perfect set of wheels? Enter our RL1-M, the wheels that caught Justin's eye. These weren't just wheels; they were crafted to be the cherry on top of this 1 of 1 build. Featuring a super deep dish design and finished in high gloss Obsidian Black on both faces and barrels, these wheels are more than an accessory – they're a statement.

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