Meet Marc and the Aventador LP700-4 he just picked up from Pfaff Reserve. Marc is no ordinary car enthusiast – he's got an eye for style and a passion for perfection. When he first laid eyes on the stock wheels that came with the car, Marc wasn't impressed. They seemed bland and inset into the wheel wells. Determined to elevate the aesthetic of his V12 natural aspirated beast, Marc opted for the FL1-X modular wheel – a choice that would set his Aventador apart from the rest. This set of FL1-X was done with Brushed Gloss Clear faces with Mirror Polished outers. It's not just about wheels; it's about making a statement. And Marc's Aventador does just that. With a carefully selected wheel offset, these wheels offer a fender-flush fitment, ensuring his ride doesn't just roll; it glides with unparalleled style.

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