Anthony is a proud new owner of this RAM TRX - a symphony of power housing a beastly supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8 within an aggressively styled truck body. For Anthony, the factory wheels, though functional, lacked the spark he craved for his TRX, and many off-the-shelf 6-lug truck wheels lacked the design sophistication that he wanted. Faced with limited options, we embarked on a mission to turn our SV06-M into a bespoke masterpiece. We converted the original 5-lug design into a 6-lug design to fit the truck and designed the wheels with a classic modular wheel face profile with a deep dish look. It's not just about wheels, it's about attitude. The fitment we selected not only meets Anthony's vision but adds a generous dose of aggression to the entire TRX build. The story didn't end there. You can see NLX logos engraved on the wheels - a testament to Anthony's hard-earned success in his business. These wheels are more than a mere upgrade; they're a celebration of determination, a symbol of triumph rolling down the road. Anthony didn't just acquire a truck; he earned a statement piece that roars not only with power but with the sweet taste of success.

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