Step into Sadiq's world as he unveils his brand-new BMW M8 Competition. The stock wheels that came with the car didn't quite match Sadiq's vision. They were heavy cast wheels and inset too much into the fender. He approached us with a vision of building a set of lightweight and aggressively styled wheels that sit perfectly flush with the fenders. Our answer to his wheel dreams? The Monoblock SV00. But here's where it gets exciting – Sadiq seized the opportunity of building made-to-order wheels. He requested his business logo and car club emblem to be engraved onto these wheels. Why? Because his M8 wasn't just a car; it was a symbol of hard work paying off and his businesses thriving. This set of SV00 in the Satin Midnight Black, became a canvas for Sadiq's success story. To add a pop of individuality, parts of the custom-engraved logos are filled in with baby blue to match his logos. These wheels aren't just an upgrade; they're a celebration of achievement, a fusion of style and substance that takes Sadiq's M8 to a whole new level. With each turn of the wheel, it's not just a drive; it's a testament to ambition and the sweet taste of success.

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