Reggie is the founder of Night Runner International. An automotive lifestyle clothing and accessories brand that combines the worlds of JDM tuning culture and European performance. Reggie set his sights on a BMW G80 M3. He is drawn to its legendary driving performance just like the F80 M3 which he still owns. For a car enthusiast like Reggie, the journey doesn't stop with the acquisition - it's just the beginning. The choice of wheels is a decision that can make or break a car. For Reggie, the choice was crystal clear - the Monoblock FL1, a manifestation of competition-style elegance that aligns seamlessly with his vision. Satin Midnight Black becomes the chosen finish, harmonizing with the satin black car wrap to create the stealth look he is going for. But Reggie's touch extends beyond aesthetics. His brand logo, engraved onto the wheels, turns each wheel rotation into a personal expression - a unique mark in the vast landscape of automotive customization. Completed with other carbon fiber parts and lowering, Reggie's M3 emerges as the true "Ultimate Driving Machine." The Monoblock FL1 wheels become more than just an upgrade - they are Reggie's personal signatures, a proclamation of his passion etched onto the asphalt.

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