When fate dealt Namir a blow, causing the loss of his beloved C63 build in a tragic accident, he didn't bow down. Instead, he decided to start another building project: a BMW 340i, housing a powerful and reliable B58 in-line six-cylinder engine - a platform that fits Namir's bold vision. his goal is to take center stage with this build. His 340i underwent a complete transformation with an M3 conversion kit - carbon fenders, trunk, hood, coilovers, and much more. Weaving a story of power, precision, and style. But in Namir's world, a build is not just metal and machinery, it's a creation process, and the wheels play the leading role. Three-piece FL6, a choice that speaks volumes. Brushed Gloss Clear faces paired with Mirror Polished outers create a visual masterpiece. The fitment, carefully selected, is aggressive but aligns perfectly with Namir's bold vision. And for that extra touch of flair, the rear wheel faces were constructed with a deep dish look per his request. As the FL6 graces the 340i, it's not just a car; it's a rolling testament to Namir's kin spirit of automotive aftermarket tunning culture. And the best part? The story continues. Namir hinted more excitement to come.

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