Step into Evan's world, where his car detailing business isn't just a business - but an art form. Evan is renowned for spotting and fixing paint imperfections that will escape the notice of regular people. After multiple attempts to acquire his Audi RS5, his dream car finally arrived. This isn't just any RS5, it's an Ascari Launch Edition which has exclusive Ascari Blue metallic paint, and carbon ceramic brakes as standard. The factory wheels, despite the car's stellar features, were nothing special and sunken into the fenders. Evan chose FL1-M - an elegant upgrade that became the embodiment of his desire to build a set of wheels exactly the way he wanted. With precision, we curated the wheel specs to achieve a fender flush fitment, seamlessly balancing the aesthetics with the comfort of daily driving. The wheels were built with a Brushed Gloss Clear face with a mirror-polished lip. Every glance at the wheels evokes a smile on Evan's face, turning his RS5 into a rolling art that captures not just attention, but the essence of automotive passion. It's more than wheels; it's the realization of a dream, a personalized symphony of style and performance that makes every drive a cruise to perfection.

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