This very distinct R8 V10+ is owned by Michelle. The car is wrapped in a limited inozetek color called Celestial Unicorn. Yet, amidst the uniqueness, Michelle finds herself wanting a bit of extra touch. She has a set of flow-formed aftermarket wheels however the finish was dull and the fitment was slightly off. She couldn't find what she liked from off-the-shelf options, so we custom-built this set of Monoblock SV02 for her. An exotic styling for her R8 that promises not just wheels but a statement. After comparing our color swatches between different bronzes, the decision was made - Highland Bronze, the perfect complement to the Unicorn wrap, a choice that breathes life into her vision. Preserving the factory wheel and tire width, Michelle ensures her R8 stays true to its OE driving characteristics, but with a twist—fender flush offset that elevates the aesthetics to a whole new level. Now, as Michelle navigates the streets, the SV02 wheels become not just an accessory but a signature - a proclamation of individuality that transforms her ride. Michelle's R8 takes center stage, a true unicorn that captivates onlookers and leaves an indelible mark on the road.

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